Two-Wheel Tractor/Tillers

BCS Two Wheel Tractor TillersBCS: The most durable tractor-tillers on the market

R & M Farm and Lawn features BCS two wheel tractors, the world’s leader in small farm and gardening equipment, featuring the most durable multi-use garden tillage and tractor tool on the market. Available with many attachments and applications from gardening to mowing to snow removal and more.  Call 920-788-3505 today.

Versatility with 12 attachments

BCS two-wheel tillers come with 12 different easily removable and attachable attachments, including:

BCS Two Wheel Tractor Tiller Accessories


  •    Snow throwers
  •    Lawn mower
  •    Chipper or shredder
  •    Log splitter
  •    Cycle mower
  •    Hiller or furrower


Better performance in your hands

R & M Farm and Lawn backs up BCS‘s world-class warranty on its quality product with its own exceptional service, featuring guaranteed work, FREE estimates and fast turnaround.

The superior design of the BCS equipment yields better performance and the higher quality of construction translates into decades, not years, of RELIABLE performance.

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