Two-Wheel and Tandem Axle Utility Trailers

Chilton Utility Trailers

Call the utility trailer specialists

R & M Farm and Lawn features the quality products of Chilton Utility Trailers: High quality and competitive manufacturing of two-wheel and tandem axle utility trailers offered in steel and aluminum.  We have everything you need to make your next gardening, lawn or yard-maintenance project a breeze.

Full service for all your trailer needs

Count on us for trailer repair, parts, and service, including:

Chilton Utility Trailers


  • Lights and electrical systems
  • Brake controls
  • Axles and hubs
  • Springs
  • Jacks
  • Fenders


Chilton Trailers: The answer to your utility hauling

Whatever you need to haul, we have the trailer for you.  Sizes range from two-wheel utility open trailers at 8 feet in length to 24 feet in length to fully enclosed trailers with many options, including 6 feet to 25 feet in length.

Call us at 920-788-3505 for a FREE estimate on repairs. We also supply custom-built trailers to your specifications.

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